Meredith New Hampshire village. Mill Falls


Building a Stronger Community!

Identifying new market opportunities for economic development, revitalizing historic commercial buildings, and stimulating investment within  properties in Meredith, NH. Building economic growth withing the community.

The Career Partnership Program

The Career Partnership Program (CPP) is an initiative co-sponsored by GMP and the Interlakes School District that provides students the opportunity to explore future careers through job shadowing and internships and hands-on working experiences. The new director is Julia Velie. Twenty-three students are currently enrolled in the program with 18 participating in internships. 

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Committee Members

Chris Kelly - Co-Chair

Rusty McLear - Co-Chair

Bronwen Donnelly

Ted Fodero

Jeanie Forrester

Bill Gartner

Girard Tom

Barry Leonard

Bob Manley

Dick Pendergast

Jeff Riley

Amy Tardiff

Justin Van Etten

Rob Wichland

Chris Williams