About Us

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Our Mission

The Greater Meredith Program (GMP) is a community development organization seeking to enhance economic vitality, historical and cultural heritage, and town-wide beautification.
GMP strives to achieve these goals through direct advocacy and action and to capture and extend the vision, energy and inter-­organizational cooperation that have molded Meredith into an outstanding community. Our vision is for our town to be a year-round business, service, and recreational/social hub for residents, workforce, and visitors.

Our Programs & Projects

Meredith Sculpture Walk

Meredith Sculpture Walk , Meredith New Hampshire, Art, Sculpture, Community

The Meredith Sculpture Walk is a year round juried exhibition of New England artists, it is committed to developing awareness of public art in Meredith. For more information CLICK HERE. 

Ongoing & Upcoming Events

Greater Meredith NH Committee, Meredith NH, GMP, greater Meredith.org

Check out our BLOG to see what is happening.

Design Committee

GMP Design Committee, greatermeredithprogram.com. Meredith NH, Greater Meredith,

Educates others about good design, provides design advice, plans, organizes and develops projects. Check out the Design page for programs & projects.

GMP Career Partnership

GMP Career Partnership program with ILHS. Inter Lakes School, Meredith NH, career development

The Career Partnership Program (CPP) is an initiative co-sponsored by GMP and the Interlakes School District that provides students the opportunity to explore future careers through job shadowing and internships and hands-on working experiences. 

Promotion Committee

Greater Meredith NH Music Festival Event

Promote the district, create & implement image campaigns, retail promotions, & special events to attract residents & visitors to our village district.  

Economic Development

Economic Development presentation, Greater Meredith Program, Greater Meredith, Meredith NH

Identify new market opportunities, find new uses for historic commercial buildings, and stimulate investment in property.  

Our Board of Directors

Greater Meredith Program Board of Directors, Meredith New Hampshire

The Greater Meredith Program’s board is comprised of community leaders and town officials who volunteer their time and expertise to advance the mission of the organization.


President: Chris Kelly; Vice President: Katheryn Rolfe;

Secretary: Amy Tardiff; Treasurer: Dick Pendergast; 

Kelly Chapman, Bronwen Donnelly, Ted Fodero, Jeanie Forrester, Bill Gartner, Andy Lane, Bev Lapham, Sam Laverack, Nancy Lavigne, Lynn Leighton, Rusty McLear, Bob Manley, Wendell Rizzo and Chris Williams. 

Executive Director: Michelle Brown

Alternate: Cathleen Sleeper

GMP Executive Board

Greater Meredith Program Executive Board, meredith NH, community programs

Chris Kelly, President;  Katheryn Rolfe, Vice President; Amy Tardiff, Secretary; Dick Pendergast, Treasurer; Bill Gartner, Co-Chair Design; Chris Williams, Co-Chair Design; Rusty McLear Economic Development Chair; Lynn Leighton, Promotion Chair, Bev Lapham, MSW Committee Chair; and Bob Manley, Past-President

Community Involvement

Meredith Sign Board

Welcome to Meredith NH sign board, Greater Meredith Program, non profits meredith nh

The message board is available to the community (for a fee) to post your announcements.

Swasey Park - Walking Path

Swasey Park Trail map, Meredith New Hampshire

Swasey  Park encompasses over 7 acres within the town of Meredith along the  shores of Lake Waukewan and the Swasey Canal.  

Community Support

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