Career Partnership

Bringing Our Community Together!

The Career Partnership Program (CPP) is an initiative co-sponsored by GMP and the Interlakes School District that provides students the opportunity to explore future career planning through job shadowing and internships and hands-on working experiences in and around Meredith. The new director is Julia Velie. Twenty-three students are currently enrolled in the program with 18 participating in internships. Career Partnership Program student, Ian McCabe, was awarded one of two scholarships handed out to NH high school seniors for $10,000, good towards any college tuition and a full paid week in Washington D.C. shadowing senators, sitting in a Supreme Court session and other activities. This was a result of his internship with State Senator Guida.  

What is the difference between a job shadow and an internship? 

A job shadow is short-term, usually a few  hours or half a day.  Students follow a local professional to observe a  career of interest They are encouraged to ask questions about training,  skills and tasks associated with that career.  The purpose of this  experience is to provide a snapshot of various career opportunities. An internship is a long-term (i.e. a  semester), usually unpaid, experience.  Juniors and Seniors are invited to schedule an internship at a local business of interest.

An internship has a set schedule each week  and students participate in various functions within the business.  Students make connections with the business community, gain knowledge  and real world experience in a job field of interest and may also earn  high school credit.

How can individuals, organizations and business get involved? 

• Speak to a high school class about your profession

• Offer to host a student for a one-day job shadow

• Offer to host a student for an internship

• Offer to host a volunteering student at your non-profit organization

• Promote your business at Student Employment Days in the spring at Inter-Lakes High School

• Become a sponsor of the Career Partnership Program

Contact: Julia Velie, CPP Director - 

Committee Members

Jeanie Forrester – Chair

Michaela Copeland

Chris Kelly

Ted Fodero

Bob Kennelly

Cathy Sleeper

Holly Vieten

Julia Velie - CPP Director